How to fix an annoying Atlassian Assist error

This was a frustrating one to figure out. We were launching Jira Service Desk to help manage inbound internal requests. We wanted to use Atlassian Assist to help our users create tickets via Slack, which is where everyone is already and where everyone already reports tickets.

So while we were testing when a user would post in a channel, our "Agents" would add the ticket emoji to the message to trigger the Atlassian Assist bot to create a ticket. We would get the following error:

You can't raise a request on behalf of this user because they need the customer role on your site managed by your organization admins.

While searching around it seemed like this wasn't a common error. I found a few posts on the Atlassian forums, but ultimately the issues they were having were different than ours.

Eventually, I found a post on a forum that mention the customer role. I went to the user's profile and sure enough, while the user was a member of the organization, they were not specifically a "Jira Service Desk Customer". I toggled the customer role and the error went away when we tried to create a ticket via Atlassian Assist again in Slack.

This doesn't impact Slack users who do not already have a Jira account, they will automatically get a customer account created for them when they create a ticket via Atlassian Assist.