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How to fix an annoying Atlassian Assist error

Fixing the You can't raise a request on behalf of this user because they need the customer role on your site managed by your organization admins. error from Atlassian Assist for Jira Service Desk

Pipelines modernize your code

Pipelines are a great way to clean up your code and make it more readable. Let's take a look at how we can use them to modernize our code.

How Feature Flags have upgraded our workflow

We have implemented Feature Flags and it has completely changed the way we do development for the better. Let's chat how we use them, some pitfalls, and what's next.

GitHub Action on a PR comment

Run a GitHub Action when a specific comment is added to a pull request.

GetSettledUp Pricing Discussion

With the official V1 launch of GetSettledUp just a few weeks away I wanted to take an opportunity to walkthrough my monetization plan and would love to hear any feedback!

GetSettledUp Experiment Update

I love analytics and learning from trying, so in this post I walkthrough my experience charging for beta access to GetSettledUp.

GetSettledUp Launch

Finally launched GetSettledUp! In this article I discuss my thought process on charging for beta and some future plans.