Introducing OhShit, the next generation of incident management

I have started work on the next generation of incident management tools. OhShit will install directly into your Slack workspace and allow teams to manage on-call, incident response, and postmortems.

The all-in-one tool will empower teams to manage their next "oh-shit" moment with ease.

What is OhShit?

OhShit will be a Slack integration that teams can install to their workspace, other integrations may come in the future. It will allow your teams to oversee incidents in an organized way while never having to leave their chat app. It will leverage Slash Commands and Actions to empower your teams to identify and manage ongoing issues that are impacting customers.

How will it work?

Anyone in your workspace can use the ohshit action or slash command to begin a new incident. This will create a dedicated channel for organized responses to ongoing incidents. It will also notify on-call teams, and allow them to take control of the incident in an organized fashion. Your on-call teams can then update stakeholders using the slash commands, keeping everyone up to date. After an incident has been resolved ohshit will create RCAs and postmortems so your team can learn and grow from past incidents.

When will it be available?

Work is ongoing currently, we are almost at a place to allow companies to join a "beta" of the incident management. On-call and postmortem support will come later in the year using feedback we gain from the beta.